The Awakened Relationship CourseLiving the dream of love, true connection and the bliss of deep intimacy

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or looking for love, this weekend workshop will open your heart and your mind and give you the skills to create the relationship you have longed for.

Landon and Diane share decades of experience working in various fields of transformation and now focus their knowledge and first hand experience into helping you to transform your experience of relationship and love.

Promises of ‘The Awakened Relationship’ weekend course:
You will:
• Learn to communicate in a way that eliminates blame and creates deeper love and understanding.
• Fully understand the structure of the ego and what it means to “Be Human” so that you can manage it to create more authenticity and self-expression.
• Learn how to talk about any subject without arguing.
• Bring more Beingness into your relationship and with it a deeper connection and more passion.
• Learn to establish the agreements within your own relationship, to transform problems and upsets into opportunities for healing, growth and deeper intimacy.
• Gain power over your own mind and ego by strengthening the “Observer Self.”

As part of learning and practicing these new ways of interacting, there will be opportunities to be coached in your specific issues.

For those not currently in a relationship, we will discuss some of the secrets of attracting and manifesting your true partner. These secrets hold true for manifesting anything desired in life.

Led by Landon Carter, former est and Lifespring trainer, author, transformational trainer and coach and Diane Covington-Carter, life coach and award-winning writer.

“Diane and I are excited about being with you in our relationship course. The purpose is to give you the understandings and tools to transform your relationships into a space of healing, growth, and freedom.”

Please email us for information about spring 2014 courses. We’re happy to talk with you about the course and are available for individual and couple coaching. Also, if you’d like to sponsor a course in your area, please let us know and we’ll discuss that with you.